Emma Beeston, 07810 543737, emma@emmabeeston.co.uk

Emma Beeston, 07810 543737, emma@emmabeeston.co.uk

I provide independent advice to individuals and families that wish to give, or leave, money to charities. I do that directly or alongside solicitors, wealth managers or accountants. I generally work with individuals that have £20,000 or more to give, but I do provide services for those making smaller donations. I also work with businesses that need strategic advice on giving, for example when developing processes for selecting a ‘charity of the year’. 

For individuals, my services are designed to cost no more than 5% of the donation amount. For private client advisors or philanthropic organisations, my services are a cost-effective way to provide this specialist advice as a trusted third-party. 

I offer five main areas of service that can be combined to meet individual needs: 

  1. Strategic advice and planning: for example, identifying giving priorities and values; establishing selection criteria.
  2. Research: for example searching for charities based on themes or selection criteria to provide options and shortlists for review.
  3. Assessment: for example assessing track records, financial stability, governance, service models and quality of delivery. 
  4. Brokering relationships: for example, arranging visits and introductions to selected charities.
  5. Annual reviews: for example conducting monitoring visits and providing annual feedback reports on the difference that donations have made.

These services apply in different situations. For example

             Selecting charities to be named in wills

             Working with family trusts to establish their selection criteria, administration and assessment processes

             Finding and assessing potential recipients of bequests to unnamed charities

             Supporting ‘Giving while Living’ plans for portfolios or one-off gifts.

"We were impressed with the business-like yet empathetic approach to your philanthropy consulting.”
Anonymous private philanthropist
“The reports were excellent. Very clear, comprehensive and answered our brief well. We met with Trustees of the foundations in question and your reports were very valuable in helping them and us have a constructive discussion about where their support could have an impact in the thematic areas.”
CAF Philanthropy Services